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25Live FAQs

With the upcoming launch of 25Live, many questions have been asked regarding access, functionality, and making the jump from one system to another. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received recently:

Q: When does this system launch?

A: 25Live will officially replace Ad Astra on August 1st, however we will cut access to Astra on Friday, July 29th. We will make sure that those visiting Ad Astra will be redirected to 25Live and no event requests will be processed in Ad Astra after that time.

Q: Will this system be accessible to everyone or just UT employees?

A: This system is CAS authenticated, meaning anyone with a NetID and password can access the system. However, students should continue to go through the Student Event Request Form located on the Campus Event Services homepage, and non-affiliated groups have a web form to fill out as well.

Q: Will I lose my reservations that I’ve made in Ad Astra when 25Live launches?

A: NO! We are working diligently to import all future reservations (past reservations will not be imported) into 25Live. Since there are over 15,000 reservations to import, there will be some generalized categories such as “event type” and “requestor/scheduler”, for which we use an event type of “Astra Import” and Campus Events will be the “requestor/scheduler”, however the reservation will still be in the same location. Upon launch; you should look through the schedule to verify your event is still scheduled.

Q: Will there be trainings for this system?

A: Yes, we are in the process of creating training documents and videos to help both end users and approvers navigate the system. We will also be offering Zoom trainings for space approvers beginning in late July. Campus Events can also be contacted to offer departmental trainings as well.

Q: Can I cancel/modify my own event?

A: Yes, one of the lovely features of 25Live is we have granted all users the ability to cancel/modify their own events. Campus Events is also happy to help with any adjustments that need to be made.

Q: I am a space approver, will I receive notifications when my room has been requested?

A: Yes, we have set the system settings to notify you if your space has been requested in 25Live.

Q: I requested a space in 25Live, will I be notified if my request has been approved or declined?

A: Yes, you will be notified via email once your request has been confirmed or cancelled/denied. You can also check the status of your request at any time in the system.

Q: Can I view a list of events I have created in the system?

A: Yes, your scheduled events will show directly on your homepage when you log in to 25Live. This is a great way to keep track of what you have requested and check on the status of each request.

Q: In Ad Astra, users would access the same profile as everybody else. Do I have my own profile in 25Live?

A: Yes! The profile you access after signing in with your NetID and password is only accessible by you. You will have the ability to customize your homepage and save searches, locations, events, etc. by “starring” them. These saved searches will show on your homepage for easy access.

Q: How many days in advance can I schedule a space?

A: Most locations are able to booked a year in advance, however some departments have opted to not accept requests outside of a certain time frame. These departments will let you know if you cannot book their space quite yet.

Q: Can I request resources from Facilities Services, Parking, and other areas for my event in this system?

A: Yes, we have built in resources to the system, so you can add them directly to your request, including location-based resources. However, you will still need to follow up with the service providers to make sure everything is correct.


We will continue to update this list of questions and our FAQ page as we get closer to launch. Feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions!