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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there someone that can assist me if I’m unsure how to use 25Live or the event request process?
A. Of course. We have training documents available on the Campus Event Services website. You are also welcome to give us a call at 865-974-9941 or email us at with your questions. Periodic training sessions for Space Approvers are held and can be requested on an as-needed basis by contacting Campus Events.

Q. Do all meetings and/or events have to be scheduled using 25Live?
A. Yes. This system exists to ensure all campus space is being utilized efficiently and to assist in allocating personnel and resources.

Q. Is there a minimum requirement for submitting event requests?
A. Yes, the Office of Campus Event Services requires event submissions at least 7 days prior to the start date. This ensures the University can accommodate the operational and logistical needs of each request.

Q: How many days in advance can I schedule a space?

A: Most locations are able to booked a year in advance, however some departments have opted to not accept requests outside of a certain time frame. These departments will let you know if you cannot book their space quite yet.

Q. Can I place a hold on multiple dates and/or spaces for an upcoming meeting or event?
A. In order to ensure all campus space is being utilized efficiently, we has that holds be requested directly with the scheduling staff of that particular area. All dates that will not be used for an event/meeting should be released ASAP by contacting Campus Event Services.

Q. What does tentative status mean?

A. An tentative status typically means that the approver of the requested space has not yet approved or declined your request. Please reach out to the approver of the requested space or Campus Events Services to check the status of your request.

Q: I requested a space in 25Live, will I be notified if my request has been approved or declined?

A: Yes, you will be notified via email once your request has been confirmed or cancelled/denied. You can also check the status of your request at any time in the system.

Q. Is there a space usage fee and who is required to pay?
A. Yes, the university does have a fee schedule for the use of campus space, however in most instances, only external users are assessed a space usage fee.

Q. Can I receive a notification when a conference room or space has been scheduled in my area?
A. Yes, if you have been identified by your department head to hold the role of a scheduler or approver, you will receive a notification directly in 25Live. You should also receive periodic email reminders if there are pending requests in your inbox.

Q. How do I request a specific user role for the 25Live scheduling system?
A. Please have your supervisor submit an email to to confirm what space(s) and scheduling/approving access level needed.

Q. How does an external organization submit an event request?
A. Through the external organization event request form. Events by non-affiliated groups are required to have an on-campus sponsor that will help organize the event and will also be in attendance.

Q. If the space I’m interested in reserving is already booked can someone assist me in identifying an alternate location?
A. Absolutely! You can contact the Office of Campus Event Services at 865-974-9941 or

Q: Can I cancel/modify my own event?

A: Yes, all users the ability to cancel/modify their own events. Campus Events is also happy to help with any adjustments that need to be made.

Q: Can I view a list of events I have created in the system?

A: Yes, your scheduled events will show directly on your homepage when you log in to 25Live. This is a great way to keep track of what you have requested and check on the status of each request.

Q: Can I request resources from Facilities Services, Parking, and other areas for my event in this system?

A: Yes, we have built in resources to the system, so you can add them directly to your request, including location-based resources. However, you will still need to follow up with the service providers to make sure everything is correct.