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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I place a hold on mulitiple dates and/or spaces for an upcoming meeting or event?
A. No. In order to ensure all campus space is being utilized efficiently, temporarily holding space will not be allowed.

Q. Can I receive a notification when a conference room or space has been scheduled in my area?
A. Yes, if you have been identified by your department head to hold the role of a scheduler or approver.

Q. How do I request a specific user role for the Ad Astra scheduling system?
A. Please have your department head submit an email to to confirm what space(s) and scheduling/approving access level needed.

Q. Is there a minimum requirement for submitting event requests?
A. Yes, the Office of Campus Event Services requires event submissions at least 7 days prior to the start date. This ensures the University can accommodate the operational and logistical needs of each request.

Q. What’s the difference between a meeting and an event?
A. A meeting is normally a small gathering of individuals to discuss a specific topic. An event normally consists of several individuals and/or groups in support of a particular activity. Each will have different form types and associated workflows for approvals and notifications.

Q. Is there a space usage fee and who is required to pay?
A. Yes, the university does have a fee schedule for the use of campus space. Only external users are assessed a space usage fee. The Office of Campus Event Services will inform you where to direct payment.

Q. What happens if my event or meeting request is not approved?
A. You will receive a notice and the reason for the denial.

Q. How does an external organization submit an event request?
A. Through the external organization event request form.

Q. Do all meetings and/or events have to be scheduled using Ad Astra?
A. Yes. This system exists to ensure all campus space is being utilized efficiently and to assist in allocating personnel and resources.

Q. If the space I’m interested in reserving is already booked can someone assist me in identifying an alternate location?
A. Absolutely! You can contact the Office of Campus Event Services at 865-974-6271 or

Q. If I’m interested in holding an event in an Athletics space do I need to submit a request through the Office of Campus Event Services?
A. Yes. Upon approval, your event request will be routed to the appropriate area within Athletics who will assist with final booking and setup arrangements.

Q. Is there someone that can assist me if I’m unsure how to use Ad Astra or the event request process?
A. Of course. Give us a call at 865-974-6271 or email us at with your questions.