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Introduction to Swing Dancing

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013

Rachel Laney and Kemper Talley will be teaching an new 5 week progressive swing dancing series called Introduction to Balboa starting on October 16th at the Laurel Theatre starting at 7pm every Wednesday!

No prior knowledge or partner is necessary! Starting from zero, we will build up to the toss out and other variations. The Knoxville Swing Dance Association also offer drop-in lessons every week for those that don't want to take a longer term class or just want to try out swing dancing!

The original Balboa dance is a form of swing dance that started as early as 1915 and gained in popularity in the 1930s and 1940s. It is danced primarily in close embrace, and is led with a full body connection. The art of Balboa is in the subtle communication between the lead and follow, including weight shifts, which most viewers cannot see. As a result, Balboa is considered more of a "dancer's dance" than a "spectator's dance". Its exact origins are obscure, especially as most of the original Balboa dancers have since died.

Balboa is danced to a wide variety of tempos. Because the basic step takes up such a small space, Balboa can be danced to fast music (over 300 beats per minute). Balboa is also danced to slow music (under 100 beats per minute), which allows more time for intricate footwork and variations.

If you have not taken a dance class for fear it will be too hard or inaccessible, please come try out this class series. It's 5 dollars per class or 15 for the whole series, including the door fee.

Administrative stuff: If you miss the first progressive class, you will not be permitted to join the rest of the classes without prior instructor consent due to the progressive nature of the classes. Please do not show up late, as we will start promptly at 7 pm downstairs every evening. Anyone is always permitted to go to the drop-in classes, and they are only 2 dollars for the lesson and dance!

The schedule for the next few weeks is found below:

10/16/2013Beginner CharlestonGeoffreyLiz
 Balboa Rachel
10/23/2013Beginner Lindy HopJackMaggie
10/30/2013Beginner Lindy HopJeremyLiz
11/6/2013Beginner 6 CountGeoffreyKamaryn
11/13/2013Beginner 6 CountJackMaggie


$2 Cover (lesson and dance), $5 for balboa


Laurel Theatre
1538 Laurel Ave
Knoxville, TN 37909

Event Contact

Kemper Talley

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