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Chemistry Seminar, 'Materials, Energy, and Life: The State of the Art of High Magnetic Field Research'

Thursday, 19 September, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Gregory Boebinger, Florida State University

Title: "Materials, Energy, and Life: The State of the Art of High Magnetic Field Research"


The MagLab exists to provide its international user community with unique magnets and expertise spanning condensed matter physics, materials research, chemistry, biochemistry and biology. We generate magnetic fields exceeding two million times the Earth's magnetic field.  This talk seeks to answer the question, "Why would anyone want to do such a thing?"   Well...a magnetic field is one of the few thermodynamic variables that can be applied in situ, rapidly, reversibly and with infinite tunability. It probes energy scales, length scales, phase coherence and commensurabilities of both charge and spin degrees of freedom. In addition, a magnetic field is a vector quantity, which only adds to the fun. Illustrative examples from the portfolio of user research will include:

* electron correlations: tweaking macroscopic quantum phenomena in high-temperature superconductors

* energy: analyzing nature's most complex fluid, petroleum, using ion cyclotron resonance

* life: using quantum dots and sodium to revolutionize magnetic resonance imaging

Jokes will very likely be told.

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