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'Confronting the Idiot in Your Chapter' with T.J. Sullivan - Sorority Workshop

Tuesday, 21 March, 2017

T.J. is one of the best known college leadership speakers in the nation, having spoken to more than 3 million students in all 50 states. He’s popular because he talks about real, practical solutions to the most common problems facing student leaders.

And he does it with lots of blunt humor.


Every fraternity and sorority chapter has at least one member whose behavior causes tensions and problems for everyone. The out of control roommate. The brother who gets in fights. The sister who won’t pay her dues. Bad grades. Hazing. Abusive drinking. Promiscuity. Drugs. Embezzlement. Bad eating habits. Violent relationships. Damage to chapter property. 

Wouldn’t our chapters be much happier and healthier if we could confront the members whose bad behavior is bringing everyone else down? Don’t we have the responsibility to confront the “idiots” in our chapters? We often allow our friends to risk their own health, safety, relationships or grades with idiot behavior. We are afraid to confront because we fear losing a friend, losing respect or being judged.

In this hysterical, upbeat keynote, T.J. challenges all fraternities and sororities to step to the plate and find the courage to confront negative actions and attitudes from their fellow members. He offers practical strategies for increasing the effectiveness of constructive confrontations.

By encouraging members to confront each other, T.J. gives students a powerful opportunity to put the values of their fraternity or sorority into action. Regardless of the issues facing your Greek community, this keynote will challenge everyone to take responsibility for building a better, more responsible community.




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