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501 Chemistry Seminar: “Chemical Reactivity Induced Protein Proximity to Control Cellular Functions”

Thursday, 23 February, 2017

UTK Host:   Dr. Mike Best, UTK Chemistry Associate Professor

 Speaker:  Dr. Fu-Sen Liang, Assistant Professor of Chemical, University of New Mexico

Title:  “Chemical Reactivity Induced Protein Proximity to Control Cellular Functions”


Abstract: Synthetic biology aims to rewire biological systems in order to understand and control cellular functions that can ultimately lead to novel therapies. We will discuss a new chemical strategy that integrates reactivity-based signal sensing and chemically induced protein dimerization to translate external signals in cellular environments into tailored biological events in the cells. We expect that this strategy can be generally applied to reprogram mammalian cells to generate user-chosen biological outputs in response to and processing specific cellular signals in pre-defined manners, which can be applied to develop novel cell-based therapies for human diseases.

Biography: Dr. Liang received his BS in Chemistry from the National Taiwan University and continued his MS research on natural product synthesis in Dr. Tse-Lok Ho’s lab at the National Chiao Tung University. He then joined the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla for PhD studies in Dr. Chi-Huey Wong's group where he synthesized and studied RNA-targeting small molecules. He did a postdoctoral research with Dr. Gerald Crabtree at Stanford University on chromatin remodeling complex and chemically induced proximity technology. He started his independent career at the University of New Mexico in 2012. His current research focuses on the development of new chemical strategies to facilitate the research in mammalian synthetic biology and microRNA regulation.




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