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SIAM Student Chapter and PDE Seminar

Monday, 14 April, 2014

SPEAKER: Prof. Mike Neubert, Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute, Massachusetts

TITLE: Marine Reserves and Strategic Spatial Models for Fisheries Management

ABSTRACT: Spatially explicit fisheries management is a hot topic. Of particular interest is the role that closed areas (a.k.a. marine protected areas or marine reserves), should play in the regulation of fishing. Theoretical work in this area has shown that the establishment of marine reserves for conservation purposes does not necessarily require a reduction in economic productivity. It is fair to say that the implementation and design of actual marine reserve networks has been motivated and guided in large part by bioeconomic theory.

As is appropriate, the mathematical models that are currently used to understand the economic and biological costs and benefits of marine reserves make a number of simplifying assumptions. These include assumptions about the goal of management, the impacts of harvest on habitat, the number of harvesters, the nature of regulatory constraints, etc. In my talk, I will present the results of my analysis of a simple, spatially-explicit, bioeconomic model for a harvested renewable resource. Even this model can have complicated dynamics. Then, depending on time and audience interests, I will discuss the consequences of relaxing various of these assumptions.


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