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Chemistry Seminars - 2 UT Chemistry Graduate Students - Board of Visitors Poster Winners

Thursday, 10 April, 2014

UT Host: Dr. Michael Sepaniak

Speaker: Tess Kirchner, University of TN- Chemistry

Title: "Highly Ordered Pillar Arrays as Platforms for Planar Chromatography"

Abstract: Unlike HPLC, there has been sparse advancement in the stationary phases used for planar chromatography. Modernization of planar chromatography platforms can further highlight the technique's ability to separate multiple samples simultaneously, utilize orthogonal separation formats, and image separations without rigorous temporal demands. This presentation describes the fabrication and evaluation of highly ordered pillar arrays that are chemically modified for planar chromatography and inspected by fluorescence microscopy to detect solvent development and analyte bands. This research is aimed at understanding and overcoming the unique challenges in developing and utilizing highly ordered pillar arrays as  a new platform for planar chromatography; focusing on fabrication of expansive arrays, studies of solvent transport, methods to create compatible sample spots, and an initial evaluation of band dispersion. Highlights of our work include rapid flow, the development of a unique spotting method, and efficiencies below 2 µm.


Seminars are not web cast


UT Host: Dr. David Baker

Speaker: Yundi Gan

Title: "Novel Phenanthroindolizidine Alkaloids with Potent Antitumor Activity: A CoMFA Study of Derivatives of DCB-3503"   

Abstract: Tylophorine analogues are a group of phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids isolated from plants that show potent antitumor activities.  DCB-3503, a novel synthetic tylophorine analogue and a lead compound, has shown potent growth inhibition (GI50 ~10-8 M) against a large number of NCI's 60 human-derived cell lines.  Its mode of action is via inhibition of NF-κB and associated nuclear proteins.  In this study, a CoMFA model to predict the biological activities of several DCB-3503 analogues was built based on a training set containing several tylophorine analogues with pGI50 values against HepG2 cells. The results show that the biological activities of DCB-3503 can be increased by modifying the "southern" and "northern" parts of the phenanthrene ring. Several compounds with high predicted biological activities were selected as the modified target compounds aiming at increasing the biological activities from DCB-3503. Synthesis of these compounds was carried out, and their structures were confirmed by NMR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray crystallography.


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