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Chemistry Seminar: 'N-heterocyclic Ligands: From Tetracarbene Catalysts to Flexible MOFs'

Thursday, 31 October, 2013

UT Host:  Dr. Ben Xue

Speaker: Dr. David Jenkins, University of Tennessee

Title: "N-heterocyclic Ligands: From Tetracarbene Catalysts to Flexible MOFs"


Our group's research focuses on inorganic and organic synthesis to develop chemical systems ranging from homogeneous catalysts to porous frameworks.  We concentrate on two distinct areas of synthetic chemistry, both of which are centered on the utilization of novel N-heterocyclic ligands.  The first area is focused on developing macrocyclic tetra N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands for oxidative group transfer catalysis, including aziridination.  Numerous original tetracarbene complexes have been characterized by spectroscopic methods and X-ray crystallography, which demonstrate that the four carbenes bind to the metal in the equatorial plane.  In the second area of research, we investigate developing semi-rigid ligands, such as triazoles, for the synthesis of flexible metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and metal-organic nanotubes (MONTs).  These porous materials have different sized channels as a function of guest making them intriguing substances for selective gas or liquid separation.



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