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'In the Beginning': Anthropology, Science, and Religion

Tuesday, 13 November, 2012

Dr. Eugenie Scott, one of the leading experts on the creationism/evolution controversy, will discuss the subject of origins--of where we, Earth, and the universe come from--a subject that has been considered by many religions since time immemorial. Science, as a relatively recent actor on the intellectual stage, also considers these topics, coming up with answers at variance with those of most religions, including Christianity.

How do these two approaches differ? Are there similarities? And is there an uncrossable divide between the two? The answer is not just philosophically interesting, but directly relevant to decisions being made about what to teach in public school science courses.

This lecture is free and open to the public.


About the Speaker

Dr. Eugenie C. Scott is Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Inc., a not for profit membership organization of scientists, teachers, and others that works to improve the teaching of science as a way of knowing, the teaching of evolution, and the teaching of climate change.  A former college professor, Dr. Scott is an internationally-known expert on the creationism and evolution controversy, and is called upon by the press and other media to explain science to the general public. The author of Evolution vs Creationism: An Introduction and co-editor with Glenn Branch of Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design is Wrong for our Schools, she is the recipient of numerous awards from scientists and educators, and has been awarded eight honorary degrees.

Dr. Scott's lecture is part of the Department of Anthropology's Visiting Lecture Series.




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