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Women in/and Business: Sex, Gender, and Social Justice in the Economic Sphere

Wednesday, 20 March, 2013

Panel Participants

Joan Heminway, College of Law

Micheline van Riemsdijk, Geography

Becky Jacobs, College of Law

Tracie Woidtke, Finance

When many of us think about women and social justice, the first things that come to mind are sexual or gender-based violence, female trafficking, family and child care concerns, and other similar sexed and gendered societal and political questions.  Yet, as all of us know, women have become engaged in the economy in their daily lives in increasing numbers.   

Women are suppliers of goods and services, consumers, clients, end-users, entrepreneurs, contract laborers, employees, shareholders, corporate directors and executives, and more.  The process of institutionalizing women in these "new" roles in the national and international economy has exposed numerous sexed and gendered issues that engage social justice.  In occupying traditional male roles in traditionally male-dominated spheres, women face challenges related to their apparent difference from traditional norms.  This panel discussion brings together faculty who research and write about business issues that intersect with sex/gender or sex/gender issues that intersect with business. Among the areas to be explored: the gender-construction of business law, the level of participation of women in various aspects of business, and the behavioral attributes of women in business settings.

This presentation is part of the Spring 2013 Center for the Study of Social Justice colloquium series.




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