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Living, Laughing, and Working by The Chopsticks-Fork Principle

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

On February 13th, join us for lunch and an engaging and insightful discussion, led by Cathy Bao Bean! Cathy Bao Bean, author of "The Chopsticks-Fork Principle: A Memoir and Manual" and co-author of "The Chopsticks-Fork Principle X 2: A Bilingual Reader."  "The Chopsticks-Fork Principle" is a story about reconciling the expectations of extended families and society at large as well as how to raise a child in a respectful context while also choosing the "path less traveled." Race, class, and gender issues are imbedded seamlessly within the narrative. Cathy Bao Bean encourages us to embrace diversity and multiculturalism through personal stories about ordinary events which raise extraordinary cultural questions – like: 

Can the Tooth Fairy survive the Melting Pot?

How do languages affect behavior?

Why "innocent until proven guilty" vs. "confession of guilt before access to justice"?

What happens when one culture has a sub-conscious but the other doesn't?

Can you fail or succeed simultaneously in two cultures?

How to reach Consensus vs. Majority Rule? 

What does "belief" have to do with what's "right"? 

How does the Self morph from a North American Modern to an Asian Traditional?

How do you say 'I love you' in America? In Asia? 




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